Responding to Unfair Labour Practices

Unfair Labour Practices applications to the Ontario Labour Relations Board are sometimes filed by way of grievances against companies without proper notices in place to fix irregularities or address concerns without the need for arbitration.

Labour relationships can be managed effectively and productively like any other employment relationship. Unfair labour practices however, can be detrimental to the employment relationship and ultimately the company’s bottom line.

Workplace Policies and procedures that provide clarity and cultivates goodwill amongst your unionized workers can be a great asset to your business. Furthermore, the establishment of a professional and respectful relationship between your unionized workers can provide an effective means to address any issues or developments in the workplace.

Avoidance of unfair labour practices requires both a comprehensive understanding of the labour laws affecting your business as well as a practical understanding of the dynamic issues that affect your business needs. Having proper labour counsel in your corner helps avert problems before they get out of control.

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