Intentional Interference with Economic Relations

A commercial litigation lawyer at Achkar Law can assist in situations where disputes arise as a result of interference with a party’s economic relations or interests. The Supreme Court of Canada in AI Enterprises Ltd v Bram Enterprises Ltd 2014 SCC 12 establish a new name for interference with economic relations as the “unlawful means tort”.

In a situation where a party interferes with an economic relation of another party by unlawful means. There is a basis for legal action in the form of a tort of unlawful means. The Supreme Court in Ai Enterprises Ltd v Bram Enterprises Ltd establish a test to determine if there had in fact been an unlawful interference with an economic relation.

The test being:

  • The defendant use unlawful means to interfere;
  • The defendant intends to harm the plaintiff through the use of unlawful means.

The conduct must also give rise to a civil cause of action by the third party. Or, if the third party had suffered a loss as a result of that conduct.

Damages for an unlawful means tort are awarded “at large” meaning that the amount of interference may not be as easily quantifiable and as such. It is up to the court’s discretion to determine the appropriate amount that would put the affected party back to where they were had the interference not occurred.

Intentional interference with economic relations can have a detrimental impact on organizations. We know that in business, one wrong deal can bring the whole ship down. We understand the importance of ensuring that companies can recover the damages they are owed due to any interference in their business interests. And we do fearlessly in the best interest of our clients.

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