Tortious Interference with Economic Relations

Unravelling Tortious Interference with Economic Relations
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Tortious interference with economic relations is a legal cause of action in tort law. It occurs when one party intentionally and unlawfully interferes with the economic or business relationships of your business, causing harm or damages. This tort is also sometimes referred to as “tortious interference with business relations” or simply “economic interference.” 

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The Tort of Unlawful Interference with Economic Relations

 The Supreme Court of Canada case of AI Enterprises Ltd v Bram Enterprises Ltd provides the test to establish the tort of intentional interference with economic relations. Three elements must be met: 

  • The defendant intentioned to injure the plaintiff’s economic interests;  
  • The interference was through illegal or unlawful means; and  
  • The plaintiff suffered economic harm or loss as a result.   

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How Achkar Law Can Help

Intentional interference with economic relations can have a detrimental impact on your company. We know that in business, one wrong deal can bring the whole ship down. We understand the importance of ensuring that companies can recover the damages they are owed due to any interference in their business interests. And we do so fearlessly in the best interest of our clients. 

Evaluating Damages

We can assist in evaluating the damages caused by intentional interference. This includes quantifying economic losses, lost business opportunities, and any other financial setbacks incurred due to the interference. 

Tailored Legal Advice

Our team understands that every intentional interference case is unique. We provide customized legal solutions tailored to your specific circumstances and goals.  

Legal Representation

We provide strong legal representation in commercial matters, including economic interference cases. Our team will guide you through negotiations, all steps of litigation, gather evidence and help build your case. 

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