COVID-19 Information

The emergence of COVID 19 has impacted individuals both economically and personally, in unprecedented ways. The constant change and in the legal landscape alone has left many wondering what their obligations are. Including information on timekeeping and leave for students and casuals. Those who are affected by the new legislation should take the time to educate themselves on covid updates and its effects on the workplace.

Once an employee has been exposed to covid 19,  they must stay home for at least five days before returning to work. If the employee remains asymptomatic after five days, he or she may return to work on day six. However, if the employee still has a fever, he or she should not return to work.

At Achkar Law, we are committed to implementing measures to protect our clients and as well as our employees by enforcing social distancing measures and offering virtual communications. This also includes providing relevant, Covid updates, and timely information pertaining to the workplace and business world amidst the COVID 19 pandemic.

We continue to help employees and employers alike with navigating the continued legal changes implemented by provincial and federal governments, as well as provide practical solutions to assist in reducing the likelihood of liability.

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