Chief Legal Officer (CLO) Program


Strategic solutions companies can rely on for a fraction of the cost of an employment lawyer.

You get in problematic situations with employees, including litigation, too often. Why? Because you are simply not prepared and do not have proper employment law and human resource infrastructure in place protecting your organization.

How many of you simply do not have employment agreements with your employees?

You have delayed your Human Resource preparations and Employment Law issues to avoid the high costs of employment lawyers and the associated legal fees, either by avoiding seeking the advice of a workplace lawyer, or by being reactive to their workplace issues rather than being proactive. However, this often causes soaring legal fees down the line when workplace issues are not properly addressed.

Introducing our Chief Legal Officer (CLO) Program ™, making proactive legal preparation more accessible for business of all sizes.

The CLO Program provides you with the peace of mind to focus on running and growing your businesses, while one of our dedicated employment lawyers navigates the human resource and legal issues with the your employees. The CLO program allows us to help you on a more full-time basis – as much as needed with same day response – think of having an off-site lawyer as part of your team, but for a fraction of the cost.

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How will the CLO Program Benefit your Business?

Getting straightforward, practical legal advice should be simple. Having the assurance of obtaining legal advice from one of our experienced and skilled labour lawyers, acting as your Chief Legal Officer on deck, at a lower cost than traditional legal models, will allow you to be proactive and avoid costly legal battles down the line.

Having a dedicated employment lawyer allows you to have a lawyer that has a thorough and in-depth understanding of your business and the issues surrounding it. Legal advice is seldom black and white, and having a deep understanding of the external and internal factors affecting your business can play a vital role in the advice provided. As such, having a dedicated lawyer should put you at ease, knowing that all material factors are being considered in the legal advice that we are providing, including your company’s bottom line.

What Can We Assist With?

Anything and everything relating to the workplace.

Hiring and Onboarding

  1. Employment Contract Drafting and Review
  2. Workplace Policy Drafting and Review
  3. Interview Training
  4. Onboarding Training and Support
  5. Job Duties Analysis

Terminations and Severance Packages

  1. Termination Package Drafting
  2. Formation of Internal Processes for Lawful Dismissals
  3. Determination of Appropriate Severance Packages

Performance Reviews and Management

  1. Warning Letters
  2. Final Warning Notices
  3. Human Rights Accommodation
  4. Performance Management
  5. Performance Improvement Plans
  6. Employment Performance Reviews
  7. Tailored Criteria for Raises Based on Performance

Policy Compliance and Policy Handbooks

  1. Drafting and Updating Policy Handbooks
  2. Workplace Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy and Program
  3. Smoking and Vaping Policies
  4. Policy Handbook Forms

Human Rights and Disability Accommodation

  1. Drafting and Managing Accommodation Requests and Disability Policies
  2. Functional Abilities Form Review and Job Duty Application
  3. Identifying and Proactive Tackling of Exposure

Contract and Agreement Drafting and Reviews

  1. Drafting and Reviewing Contracts Tailored to Specific Industries and Positions
  2. Determining Options and Risks Associated with Specific Agreements
  3. Providing Advice on Strategy in Line with Business Needs.

How Does The CLO Program Work?

We have various options available to suit the unique needs of businesses of all sizes.

Quite often, you may have a question or two on how to deal with a day-to-day issue that presents itself, which at times may take only 10 minutes. Without having a go-to lawyer that can respond same day, you may decide to make a decision that opens you up to liability instead of seeking the legal advice –to avoid high legal fees.

The CLO Program allows you to feel confident that you have a workplace lawyer ready, on deck, to help with any questions throughout the course of the year, so that you don’t need to open yourself up to liability and can seek legal advice when you truly need it.

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