Lawyers For Employers

Companies need the right workplace harassment  for employers while hiring, firing, and managing employees. Our practical and strategic labor, employment, and termination without cause Ontario understand how businesses work – and keeps their eye on your bottom line and return on severance pay Ontario.

While legal fees can be viewed as overhead, proper legal advice protects you from liability and saves you money down the road.

Our clients look to us for timely and effective strategic employment law advice in line with their business growth strategies. Regularly advising employers of all sizes on all employment, labor, and human rights issues, our employment lawyers provide a full range of effective legal solutions for your termination without cause in Ontario.

We advise employers on preventative and proactive measures to stabilize your harassment and let your team members strive. = Being proactive and innovative is the best strategy to avoid costly litigation.

Despite their best intentions, some employers find themselves on the receiving end of litigation. Our employment lawyers are skilled and talented in handling employment law issues at the workplace as well as in the courtroom, Boards, and Tribunals – such as the Ontario Labour Relations Board and the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.  The lawyer that has significant experience in proactive employment law work as well as litigation to address employment law issues even when and if they arise termination without cause in Ontario.

Whether drafting and implementing policy, going through negotiations with your termination without cause Ontario, or litigation, our employment lawyers can help implement long- and short-term solutions to fit your needs with severance pay Ontario.

Our Employment lawyers Act and labour lawyers assist employers in both non-unionized and unionized environments.