Achkar Law: Employer’s Guide for Hiring and Firing

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    Achkar Law: Employer's Guide for Hiring and Firing

    Employers and human resource professionals can benefit from this Employer’s Guide for Hiring and Firing by receiving tips and best practices on several aspects of the recruitment and termination processes.

    Having well crafted and discrimination-free hiring and firing processes that are aligned with the Employment Standards Act can assist employers by not only reducing liability, but fostering a healthy workplace environment where employees are treated fairly and with respect. This not only improves employee morale and productivity, but ultimately the company’s bottom line.

    Achkar Law’s Employer’s Guide for Hiring and Firing covers topics such as:

    1. Increasing retention rate of employees
    2. Interview tips to avoid Human Rights issues
    3. Damages under the Human Rights Code and the Human Rights Act
    4. How to conduct proper interviews
    5. Best practices for hiring
    6. Calculation of Termination Pay

    **The guide is not meant to replace the guidance of a lawyer and should not be used without consulting a lawyer.

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