Workplace Policies

Workplace harassment and violence prevention regulations such as harassment policies, vacation policies, workplace harassment Ontario safety policies, among others, are important documentation that not only should be present in companies but also implemented. Our employment lawyers can help implement these policies in a way that effectively minimizes the risk involved in day-to-day interactions.

Employees have a Right to a Workplace Free of Violence and Harassment

Employers must keep in mind that employees in Ontario have a right not to be subjected to workplace violence and harassment, as provided for under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (the “OHSA”).Creating a lawful and pleasant workplace for employees begins with clear wording in your workplace harassment and violence prevention regulations. Make sure senior management is supportive of your policies. Involving staff in the development of workplace policies will promote a more thorough awareness of the policies. It will also allow for unintended consequences to be identified. Ensure staff members are aware of policies, so they can effectively implement them.

Workplace harassment and violence prevention regulations should be regarded as living documents that employers can update to reflect changing business realities. They should be present to employees for their agreement before the beginning of their employment relationship with the understanding that they will be amended periodically. Employers should ensure that any workplace harassment Ontario policies are drafted clearly and concisely to highlight their expectations and standards to employees. Staff members should be well-versed in the policies. This will allow them to engage in the dynamic realities of employment relationships.

How We Can Help

Ongoing efforts in refining workplace harassment and violence prevention regulations are necessary to address dynamic business realities. Companies should select legal representatives that can be adaptable to changing rules and regulations. Most importantly, know how to implement the changes within your organization to reflect the company’s needs in effective workplace policies.

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