Workplace Policies

Unlocking Potential: Tailoring Workplace Policies for a Thriving Business

Workplace policies are essential to the day to day operations of all organizations. Well-written workplace policies set expectations for both employers and employees, and set out your organization’s values. These policies can cover a wide range of issues and assist your organization remain legally compliant.

Our team at Achkar Law can assist in meticulously tailoring workplace policies to the unique needs of your business. Recognizing that policies are the cornerstone of a productive and legally sound work environment, we are committed to providing the highest level of professionalism and proficiency.

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Workplace policies should be placed in a prominent location and also be implemented. Proper implementation of workplace policies can also promote fairness and ensure consistency, through clear guidelines to facilitate decision making. Our employment lawyers can help implement these policies in a way that effectively minimizes the risk involved in day-to-day interactions.

Developing and Reviewing Workplace Policies

At Achkar Law, we offer comprehensive services to assist you with all aspects of workplace policies. Our experienced team will conduct a thorough review of your existing policies, ensuring they align with current legal requirements and best practices. If you don’t have policies in place, we can help you develop ones that meet your organization’s specific needs. Once the policies are established or updated, we will then guide you through the implementation process to ensure their effective integration within your organization. 

Workplace policies can cover a broad range of issues including:

  • Occupational health and safety;
  • Non-smoking rules;
  • The use of personal devices;
  • Vacation use;
  • Sick leave and attendance;
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion;
  • Anti-harassment and violence; and
  • Anti-discrimination.

Achkar Law can also assist with compliance monitoring, by keeping you informed of any changes in legislation that may impact your policies. Our team can assist you in periodically reviewing and updating them to ensure ongoing compliance with evolving regulations. In the unfortunate event of a workplace dispute or complaint, our experienced employment lawyers will provide guidance and representation.

Employers’ Legal Obligations

In Ontario, most workplaces are governed by the Employment Standards Act, 2000. However, there are many other important statutes affecting employers, such as the:

Federally-regulated employers may be subject to the:

Employees’ Right to a Workplace Free of Violence and Harassment

As an employer, it is crucial to know that employees in Ontario are entitled to a workplace that is free from violence and harassment, as provided for under OHSA. Your business has a legal obligation to create a safe and respectful environment for your employees. To effectively establish a workplace that upholds these standards, it is essential to develop clear and comprehensive workplace harassment policies. 

Harassment prevention policies should be regarded as living documents that your business can update to reflect changing business realities. 

These policies serve as the foundation for addressing and preventing incidents of violence and harassment in the workplace. By clearly outlining the expectations and standards for behaviour, you can set the tone for a respectful and inclusive work environment.

Creating a Culture of Support Through Workplace Policies

Your senior managers are key to the successful implementation of workplace policies. When senior management demonstrates a commitment to creating a safe workplace, it sends a powerful message to employees that their well-being is a top priority. Involving staff members in the development process of these policies can also yield valuable insights and perspectives, allowing for a more thorough understanding and awareness of the policies. Your staff should be aware of any workplace policies so they can effectively implement them, and know what potential consequences exist for breaching any policies.

By encouraging open communication and feedback, you can address any potential gaps or issues that may arise from the policies. 

Adapting and Updating Workplace Policies

As an employer, you understand the importance of creating a positive and compliant work environment for your employees. One effective way to achieve this is by regularly updating and implementing your workplace policies. Workplace policies serve as guidelines that outline the expectations and standards within your organization, ensuring that everyone understands their rights and responsibilities. However, in a rapidly changing business landscape, it is essential to review and update these policies to keep up with new laws, regulations, and best practices. By staying informed about the latest developments in employment law, industry trends, and societal changes, you can ensure that your policies reflect current standards and expectations. 

This includes areas such as diversity and inclusion, workplace harassment and discrimination prevention, health and safety protocols, remote work policies, and technology usage guidelines. Communicate the updated policies clearly to your employees, providing training and resources to help them understand the changes and their implications.

This shows your employees that you value their well-being and are dedicated to providing them with a safe and respectful workplace. By staying proactive in policy adaptation, you can mitigate potential risks and ensure compliance with legal requirements, reducing the likelihood of costly legal disputes or penalties.

How Achkar Law Can Help

At Achkar Law, we prioritize comprehensive policy management to meet the needs of your organization. Our experienced employment lawyers can assist you with policy review, development, implementation, compliance monitoring, and conflict resolution support. We recognize the importance of keeping your workplace policies up to date, effectively implemented, and aligned with the best interests of your organization and employees. With our help, we can ensure that your policies are in line with current legal requirements and industry best practices.

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