Responding to Ministry of Labour Complaints

Ministry of Labour Complaints: Effective Responses in Action

As a business owner, you may encounter a Ministry of Labour (MOL) complaint at some time. When employees file complaints with the MOL to assert their workplace rights, employers it is crucial that employers respond promptly and effectively. Failing to do so can result in substantial damages and penalties. 

Regardless of the complaint made by your current or former employee, our team is experienced in responding to MOL complaints. We understand the importance of providing advice in a time-sensitive manner to help you avoid or address MOL complaints. We will thoroughly review the received complaint, craft a strategic response, and help prevent costly orders that could significantly impact your business operations. 

Understanding Ministry of Labour Complaints

The MOL oversees workplace matters and ensures that employers follow the laws that protect workers’ rights and safety. In Ontario, the MOL is responsible for enforcing the Employment Standards Act, 2000 (ESA) resolving workplace disputes, conducting workplace investigations, among other responsibilities.  

An employee has two (2) years from the date of an ESA violation to file a complaint with the MOL. 

Responding to Ministry of Labour Complaints

When the MOL receives an employment standards claim or complaint, they assign an officer to conduct an investigation. The officer’s role is to gather all the necessary information and evidence related to the complaint. This includes reviewing documents, conducting interviews with both the complainant and a representative of your business. 

During the investigation, the officer attempts to get a complete picture of the situation and determine whether the complaint is valid and an employment violation took place. They carefully evaluate the evidence and statements provided by both parties to make an informed decision. Once the officer completes their investigation, they issue an order outlining their decision. This order can include various actions, such as directing your organization to pay the employee any amounts owed under the ESA. The order aims to ensure that any ESA violation is rectified. 

It is important to know that the decision made by the officer is not final and you have the right to appeal the decision if you disagree with it. To do so, you can file an application for review with the Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB). The board will then review the case and make a determination based on the evidence presented. 

Do not wait until a decision has been made to hire an experienced lawyer. It is advisable to retain a lawyer as soon as your business is aware of an MOL complaint or the threat of a complaint. We can help your business organize relevant evidence and draft a strong response to try and avoid an MOL finding in the employee’s favour. 

How Achkar Law Can Help

Our experienced team of employment and lawyers understand the complexities of MOL complaints, and provide valuable assistance to your business during the process. Our lawyers can help provide: 

  •  Legal expertise and guidance: Our knowledgeable lawyers can provide legal advice on relevant laws and regulations, MOL procedures, and more. We ensure compliance and minimize risks by offering comprehensive legal guidance every step of the way. 
  •  Case evaluation and strategy: Our team reviews your specific case, identifies relevant legal issues, and develops a tailored legal strategy to protect your interests and achieve the best possible outcome. 
  •  Document review and organization: We assist in gathering and organizing relevant documentation, ensuring they support your case and comply with legal requirements.  
  •  Representation and negotiations: Our lawyers represent you in communications and negotiations with all parties. We fearlessly advocate for your rights and interests, and advise you regarding your options. 

By choosing Achkar Law as your legal partner, you gain access to a dedicated team of employment and labour lawyers who provide tailored advice to your case. We analyze the specific details of your situation, develop a custom legal strategy, and guide you through each step of the process to obtain your desired outcome.   

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