Human Resource Plus Program

Our Human Resource Plus Program provides employers with a guide on how to follow complex rules and regulations governing the workplace. For example, making sure your employment agreements complies with the ESA. Our Human Resources Lawyers at Achkar Law are familiar with assisting in all types of legal matters relating to human resources.

Human Resource Program

Whatever the issue may be, we will provide you with the advice you need. An employment relationship is one of the most important legal relationships you will enter into. Our team of lawyers will make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities.

Our program is designed specifically for human resource professionals by leading human rights lawyers, this comprehensive program will focus on the fundamental laws that impact the employment relationship. Including but not limited to:
  1. Termination of employment
  2. Drafting workplace policies
  3. Workplace investigations
  4. Practical strategies regarding the duty to accommodate

How a Human Resources Lawyer can Help

While the laws are designed to protect employees, not employers, a Human Resources Lawyer at Achkar Law will use their knowledge and experience by strategically using contracts, policies, and procedures to increase your flexibility, and reduce your risk and costs, in order to maximize your rights. Our Human Resources Lawyers know how to put your business in a strong legal position. We can help you understand the laws that govern your workplace.

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