Human Resource Plus Program

(i) Employers and their managers should go through training allowing them to engage and foster a healthy workplace and culture. Any training should be consistently reassessed in context of the changing legal realities and updated as necessary. Companies benefit from timely updates on changing legislation and trends in employment law.

(ii) Taking proactive steps allows for more effective maintenance of a healthy morale in the workplace that allows employers to maintain a healthy pulse on their businesses.

(iii) Employers should also develop skills in effective response to emergent issues within the workplace such as appropriate accommodations for illness, or other disabilities or responses to changing business realities that have broad effects on employment relationships. Managing these issues delicately, yet decisively will give your business an edge in retaining quality talent and fostering a sense of trust and camaraderie amongst your employees.

(iv) When employment relationships run their natural course, it is best to end the employment agreement on an amicable note. Employers and their managers should take steps to understand the dynamics and potential issues that can arise in the offboarding process. Doing so will encourage a smooth transition and ensure that a business maintains its goodwill amongst its remaining employees.

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