Ministry Of Labour Complaints

Consult an Employment Lawyer for the Ministry of Labour Complaints. MOL does not always effectively resolve employment issues, contact us before you file a complaint.

Some employees choose to go to the Ministry of Labour to have their employment issues resolved.

We do not recommend taking that course of action at all because, among other things, the MOL only applies the Employment Standards Act, NOT the case law.

The Ministry of Labour can only award employees with damages permitted under the Employment Standards Act.

The Court system would generally award greater damages to terminated employees, whereas the MOL would apply the minimum entitlements under the Employment Standards Act. The difference between entitlements awarded under the common law vs. entitlements provided under the MOL and the Employment Standards Act is often large and merits consulting with legal counsel before signing a Full and Final Release.

However, if you have already started in the Ministry of Labour complaint process, we can negotiate on your behalf with your previous employer, and fight to get you a better settlement than you otherwise would be able to get on your own. Often, these types of complaints can be coupled with other strategically made steps that force the other side to the table.

If you are an employee who is looking to enforce your rights, or an employer who needs to defend against an application made to the labour board, contact us at 1(800)771-7882, email us at [email protected], or fill out the form below.