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Empowering Employees: Ministry of Labour Complaint Assistance

At Achkar Law, we’re committed to safeguarding your workplace rights. If you believe you have a complaint to address with the Ontario Ministry of Labour, you’re not alone. Our dedicated team of employment and labour lawyers is here to guide you through the process, ensuring that your concerns are heard and your rights protected. Discover how we can help you find resolution and advocate for your workplace justice.

What Is the Ministry of Labour? 

The Ministry of Labour (MOL) works to promote the Employment Standards Act, 2000, prevent workplace illness and injuries, and help settle workplace disputes and Labour Program agreements. When filing a Ministry of Labour complaint, be sure to consider the law. In Canada, you have rights both under the law and under an implied common law. The Employment Standards Act, for example, sets minimum notice periods that an employer must pay. In Canada, however, the Employment Standards Act sets minimum common law notice periods. While this may not be applicable in your situation, it is still important to know that your right to notice is protected.

The Ministry of Labour is responsible for promoting the Employment Standards Act, 2000. It is an independent body that helps settle workplace disputes and collective agreements. This government agency is only allowed to award compensation for damages related to the Employment Standards Act. If you are seeking compensation for an injury or illness caused by your employer. You must consider all relevant legislative and common law laws. If you cannot find a labour lawyer in your area, it is always recommended to consult an employment lawyer.

Should I Go To The Ministry of Labour For A Workplace Dispute?

While the MOL can be a great resource and place to go for workplace disputes, however. Among other factors, the MOL only applies to the ESA and, as such, does not consider case law. The only damages that the MOL can award are related to the ESA only.

The Court system would generally award greater damages to terminate employees, whereas the MOL would apply the minimum entitlements under the ESA. The difference between entitlements awarded under the common law vs. entitlements provided under the MOL and the ESA is often large. It merits consulting with an employment lawyer before signing a Full and Final Release.

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