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Ignorance of the law is no excuse...

...and you will be surprised how frequent these non-compliance issues arise (around 20,000 in Ontario alone).

Q: Why are free downloads from the internet a bad idea, and how can they backfire when you least expect it?

A: “ Although some people think they can get away with agreements found free on the internet, these documents are not drafted by lawyers and are often not reviewed and updated regularly.

The law around labour regulations is complicated and changes constantly, so it is important to have HR legal documents that are vetted by professionals and reliable in reducing risk. Without having studied law, it would be hard to put yourself into a favourable situation.”

HR Legal Starter Pack (32 Pages)

If you are a start-up, small or medium-sized businesses, this package helps protect businesses like yours by starting employment relationships on the right track.
This package is designed to allow you to not only start your employment relationships with legally sound agreements, but helps you maintain these relationships through workplace policies and procedures.
Having an adequate onboarding and maintenance process gives you the protection from the beginning.
Focus on your business, and know your best interests are being protected.

The Starter Package




  • Full-time Employment Agreement
  • Human Rights Policy
  • Employee Handbook
  • Feature Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

  • Bonus: Offer of Employment Letter
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