Employee Hiring and Firing

Employee hiring, firing, and everything in between can be risky for a company without considerable experience in the Human Resources field. The risk extends beyond the company’s bottom line, but risks business goals and employee relations. The human resources department or an HR professional with considerable experience help, but having legal professionals with experience in the field is a must.

Our Employment Lawyers provide a value-added service that ensures company processes are compliant with the Employment Standards Act, and allows companies to conduct a conflict-free employee hiring process and assist with all of their employee relations. We advise employers on best practices in onboarding new talent and ensure that the process is fair to incoming employees whilst also addressing business needs in selecting and hiring quality candidates and maintaining employee relations.

Not only can a fair and objective hiring process be beneficial to the employees, but businesses also tend to see increased productivity, morale, and efficiency. Our employment lawyers can help by ensuring that the hiring process is free from bias and discriminatory practices.

In addition to employee hiring, our lawyers also assist with managing the end of the employment relationship. This can include termination packages, severance packages, termination meetings, and even the termination process as a whole for the organization. We advise our clients in preparing appropriate termination documents that can pre-empt potential claims of wrongful dismissal.

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