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Whether it is a business or an individual, having a good reputation is essential. Being well-known with a positive reputation can help you build stronger connections and take advantage of opportunities you might not otherwise have.  

Similarly, a bad reputation can significantly reduce your opportunities and have a negative financial impact on you and your business.  

Defamation includes concepts like “libel” and “slander” – lies or misrepresentations that lead to reputational and related harms to a person or business you can seek damages for. 

Injurious falsehood on the other hand deals less with reputational harm and more with “malicious” falsehoods intentionally meant to disparage someone’s business, title in property or commercial products and services resulting in an economic loss. 

Our team of litigators can help whether someone is attacking your business’ reputation through defamation or disparaging what your business has to offer in the marketplace.  

What is Defamation and How Can You Prove It?

Defamation is when someone spreads false information about you or your business to others, causing harm to your reputation. 

Defamation can come in different forms, such as libel or slander, which involve false statements made verbally or in a written or recorded format. Libel specifically refers to defamation that leaves a permanent record, such as an article in a newspaper or a broadcast on radio or television. On the other hand, slander involves non-permanent statements made orally or even through gestures, circulated by someone. Both forms of defamation can have serious consequences. 

In Ontario, the Libel and Slander Act outlines the legal requirements for addressing defamatory statements. Depending on the situation, you may need to provide the party responsible for the false statements with a notice to retract their words as part of the legal process. Additionally, there may be a limited time frame within which you can initiate a defamation suit. 

To prove defamation, certain elements must be met: 

  •  The defamatory statement is defamatory in nature, meaning it would likely harm your reputation or your business’ reputation in the eyes of a reasonable person. 
  • The defamatory statement in fact refers to you or your business. 
  • The defamatory statement was published or communicated to at least one person other than yourself or your business. 

It is crucial not to delay when it comes to determining whether you should provide notice or take legal action against defamation.  

As soon as you become aware of a false or damaging statement, it is important to seek legal advice. Our team of defamation lawyers will advise you of your deadlines, and the best course of action based on your situation and desired outcome. We can tell you what needs to be done and when to ensure you are compensated for the damage to you or your business’ reputation. 

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What is Injurious Falsehood and How Can You Prove It?

The tort of injurious falsehood occurs when the malicious publication of a false statement concerning a business, leads other persons to act in a way that causes economic losses to that business. 

Injury to reputation or injurious falsehood is not something you need to prove for this tort. The false statement should reflect adversely on your business and must be made with the intention to dissuade others from dealing with you. 

To prove injurious falsehood, you must demonstrate that: 

  • Another party maliciously published a false statement in writing or orally.  
  • That falsehood concerns you or your business. 
  • That falsehood caused other persons to act in a manner with you or your business resulting in actual losses, damages, or expenses. 

A good example of injurious falsehood is when one business engages in a marketing campaign lying about another business’ products or services. In this situation, you could sue for damages for loss of business and other quantifiable damages resulting from injurious falsehood. 

Availability of Defenses For Defamation Claims

Some key defenses in defamation claims include: 

  • Truth or justification 
  • Fair comment 
  • Absolute privilege 
  • Qualified Privilege  
  • Responsible communication on matters of public interest 

If you are being sued for defamation, our team can help put forward a strong defence for you. 

Injurious Falsehood And Defamation Claims

If you find yourself subjected to false and disparaging statements, whether directed towards you personally, or your business, our team of experienced commercial litigation lawyers is here to provide assistance. It is crucial to take prompt action by contacting a lawyer as soon as you become aware of the spread of false statements. 

Whether you decide to pursue a defamation case or address injurious falsehood, such as instances of libel or slander, you have the opportunity to seek various remedies. These include claiming damages for economic losses incurred as a direct result of the other party’s wrongful actions. Additionally, non-monetary remedies such as injunctions, which can force a party to stop certain actions, can also be pursued.  

Our knowledgeable defamation lawyers are well-equipped to guide you through the legal process, advocating for your rights, and seeking the appropriate damages while safeguarding your reputation in a public court of law.  

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