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No Surprise – Employment Contracts are Written in Favour of the Employer

Are you about to sign an employment contract? Our experienced team at Achkar Law is here to protect your rights and best interests. With our detailed employment contract review service, you can enter your new position with confidence, knowing that your interests are safeguarded. Don’t leave your future to chance—let us ensure your employment agreement is fair.

Why Review Your Employment Agreement with an Employment Lawyer?

Employment agreements or employment contracts play a critical role in defining the relationship between you and your employer. They establish terms and conditions, determine salaries, regulate termination procedures, and much more. However, employers frequently seek to limit your entitlements to the bare minimum.

This limitation can result in a significant disparity in termination pay, with the common law often providing months of additional notice compared to the minimum requirements stipulated in the Employment Standards Act, 2000.

By seeking an employment contract review, you can avoid unpleasant surprises, potential loss of income and opportunities, and even legal disputes

Understanding the Challenges of Employment Contracts

When it comes to employment contracts, it is crucial to be aware of the following challenges:

Employer-Focused Nature

Employment contracts are typically drafted in favour of the employer, highlighting the need for legal guidance to protect your rights.

Rushed Signing Deadlines

Employers may impose strict deadlines to pressure employees into hasty decisions, leaving little time for careful consideration, review, and negotiation.

Common Law Restrictions

Employers may aim to restrict your access to common law reasonable notice period, limiting your entitlements after being terminated without cause

Job Change and Duties

Employers may include clauses that grant them the power to change your job or duties without your objection, to help them avoid a constructive dismissal claim.

Verbal Promises and Ambiguity

Verbal promises, conditions, or benefits discussed during the hiring process that are not included in the written employment contract may not be enforceable. Ambiguous language and complex legal jargon can be used as tactics to serve the employer’s interests.

These are only some of the challenges you might face during the hiring process. There is no substitute for tailored legal advice and an employee contract review before you sign anything – contact our team at Achkar Law today to get started.

Benefits Our Employment Contract Review

Our comprehensive employment contract review services provide you with the following benefits:

Clear Understanding

Gain a crystal-clear picture of your role, duties, compensation, and all employment terms to ensure transparency and alignment with your expectations.


Receive professional findings and recommendations based on our legal experience and knowledge, providing you with valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Risk Mitigation

Understand potential risks and limitations associated with your employment contract and receive guidance on navigating those risks and limitations effectively.

Ensuring Fairness

Ensure that your employment contract is fair, taking into consideration industry standards, comparable positions, and prevailing market practices.

Negotiation Support

Benefit from coaching and strategic guidance to negotiate employment contract revisions that better protect your rights and interests. We can be by your side during the negotiation process to help you reply to your employer’s proposed amendments.

Objectives of Our Employment Contract Review

The goal of our employment contract review services is to provide you with:

Clarity on Compensation and Benefits

Clarify the exact conditions and entitlements for bonuses, incentives, benefits, and perks, leaving no room for confusion or disputes.

Ambiguity Removal

Eliminate any ambiguous language that could potentially lead to conflicts between you and your employer, ensuring clarity.

Protection of Termination Entitlements

Safeguard your access to common law benefits upon termination, ensuring that your entitlements are not limited to statutory provisions.

Inclusion of Missing Elements

Identify any promises, conditions, or benefits previously discussed but not included in the written employment contract, making them enforceable and protecting your interests.

Start Your New Employment Position with Confidence

Do not leave your future to chance when it comes to your employment agreement. Let our experienced lawyers here at Achkar Law review your employment contracts before you sign to ensure that your rights, benefits, and future opportunities are well-protected. With our comprehensive employment contract review service, you can enter your new position with confidence, knowing that the deal you sign is fair and favourable. Protect your rights and secure your future by contacting Achkar Law for our guidance and assistance.

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