Lawyers For Employees

Employment lawyer often contact our employment lawyers for employment law advice related to many issues. Including termination, bullying and harassment, discrimination, unfair investigation, or unfair performance improvement plan (PIP), among others.

In most scenarios, employment law are entitled to many rights afford to them under the Employment Standards Act as well as the common law.

Getting employment law advice you can trust is crucial. Whether you want to stay at your current employment law or are looking for ways to know and enforce your rights. Our employment lawyers are strategic in getting you the results you expect.

Employment law also have rights they can enforce at various forums and processes. Including the courts, negotiation, and litigation through the Ministry of Labour. The Human Rights Tribunal or the Human Rights Commission.

Our employment lawyer are experience in advocating for employees against employers of all sizes. Whether federally or provincially regulate, our employment lawyers have practical experience in getting results.

Employees may be bull, haras, or may have their employment law without adequate notice or pay in lieu of that notice. Securing a high-quality, experience employment lawyer provides a clear advantage.

Employees often do not know if they are entitle to compensation; and if they are, they do not know what fair compensation would look like.

It is always important to remember that you should not sign anything with your employer before you consult with an experience employment lawyer.

If you have issues at your workplace and are unsure where to start. contact us today at the information below to get employment advice you can trust.