Wrongful Dismissal (aka Wrongful Termination): FAQs

Wrongful Dismissal: FAQs

Few things in life are as distressing as being fired.  But what if you are facing wrongful dismissal (also known as wrongful termination)? 

Whether you are an employer seeking clarity on employee termination or an employee who believes you have been unjustly fired, understanding the legal landscape is essential.

In Ontario, the rules surrounding wrongful dismissal are governed by a unique set of employment laws and regulations. Navigating this landscape can be overwhelming, but knowledge is your greatest ally. This article serves as your guide to wrongful dismissal, tailored to the jurisdiction of Ontario.

What is wrongful dismissal?

In Ontario, wrongful dismissal, also known as wrongful termination, pertains to situations where an employer ends an employee’s contract without providing the appropriate notice or compensation as required by the Employment Standards Act, 2000. This legislation sets out the essential rules for employment relationships in the province.

Is it possible to experience wrongful dismissal even when an employment contract is in place?

  • Yes, you can be wrongfully dismissed in Ontario if the termination violates the terms of your employment contract, including notice period or severance provisions.

Can I claim wrongful dismissal if I’m a unionized employee?

  • Unionized employees often have specific collective agreements that dictate how dismissals are handled. In cases of wrongful dismissal, the procedures for unionized employees may be different from those for non-unionized employees.

Are there exceptions to the notice requirement for wrongful dismissal?

  • Yes, there are exceptions. For example, when an employee is terminated immediately for significant reasons, or when a contract has a predetermined end date.

What compensation may be available for wrongful dismissal in Ontario?

  • You might be entitled to common law notice periods, severance pay, and various damages, depending on the specific situation.

Is it necessary to involve an employment lawyer for a wrongful dismissal claim in Ontario?

  • Each case of dismissal is unique, and a wrongful termination lawyer can assess the specific details of your situation, providing tailored advice to help you navigate the complexities of Ontario employment law and maximize your chances of a successful claim.

What is the time limit for filing a wrongful dismissal claim?

  • In Ontario, the time limit for filing a wrongful dismissal claim is generally two years, but it’s essential to act promptly and seek legal advice as soon as possible.

Can I negotiate a settlement for wrongful dismissal?

  • Yes, settlement negotiations are common in Ontario, and an experienced wrongful termination lawyer can help you achieve a fair resolution without going to court.

When Should I Contact a Wrongful Termination Lawyer about my case?

  • You should reach out to a wrongful dismissal lawyer as soon as you believe you’ve been wrongfully dismissed.  Don’t hesitate to seek legal assistance to protect your rights and interests.

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