Workplace Lawyers

As highly experienced workplace lawyers, we are ideally placed to provide legal advice to both employers and employees in Ontario. lawyer for workplace issues

We cover everything from the drafting of workplace policies for companies of all sizes to wrongful dismissal cases for employees in Toronto and the surrounding area. Whatever your legal needs may be, if they are related to employment law, health & safety or conditions in the workplace, Achkar Law can meet them all.

Workplace Lawyers for Employers

Whether you are a local business owner running a small company with a handful of employees, a human resources director responsible for a workforce that numbers in the hundreds, or an individual facing workplace issues and in need of legal assistance, we have the knowledge and expertise to handle all of your workplace law requirements, including providing you with a dedicated lawyer for workplace issues.

  • Drafting Workplace Policies
    • The simplest way for employers to avoid legal complications in the workplace is to implement a set of policies that are designed to ensure that every department is run in accordance efficiently and in compliance with workplace laws and regulations. With a carefully drafted set of policies, your management team will always follow the correct procedures when dealing with employees and workplace conditions, thereby avoiding the possibility of time-consuming and expensive legal proceedings.
  • Writing Employment Contracts
    • When used in conjunction with carefully crafted workplace policies, well-written employment contracts enable employers to adhere to all relevant rules and regulations whilst treating each employee justly and fairly. Vaguely worded contracts often lead to problems whereas tightly written terms and conditions ensure that employers rights are fully protected.
  • Terminations
    • Both with cause and without cause terminations need to be handled carefully or the possibility of litigation can be an expensive eventuality. The team at Achkar Law can help and advise you should you decide to terminate an employee’s contract. Consulting our experienced workplace lawyers before proceeding with an employee termination will help your organization avoid any unnecessary complications.
  • Workplace Investigations
    • If you receive a written or verbal complaint from one of your employees, you are obliged to conduct a comprehensive investigation and to take any actions to address the complaint if it found to be justified. Our lawyers can help you to conduct such investigations in compliance with federal and provincial employment law, ensuring a satisfactory outcome for all concerned. Effective workplace investigations can help maintain a safe working environment for your employees as well as maintain a low overhead.
Workforce Management
    • Our human resources lawyers can provide all the information and guidance that employers need to formulate effective workforce management procedures in all types of workplaces, including offices, factories, distribution depots and retail outlets.

Workplace Law Advice for Employees

In addition to our services for local employers, we also provide a full range of workplace legal services for employees in Toronto, including the handling of wrongful and constructive dismissal cases, Ministry of Labour complaints, Long-Term Disability, severance pay and non-competition clauses.

When it comes to severance and termination packages, employees often rush to agree to what they are offered. We often see this resulting in entitlements being left on the table, and employees walking away with less than they are actually entitled to. Consulting with a knowledgeable workplace lawyer allows employees to feel assured that they are receiving a fair and adequate severance or termination package.

We can assist employees with:

  • Termination and Severance Pay
  • Wrongful Dismissals
  • Constructive Dismissals
  • Human Rights Code Violations
  • Employment Contract Reviews
  • Ministry of Labour Complaints

In any workplace matter, employees are often at a power disadvantage when it comes to negotiating with their employers. Failing to seek the advice of a qualified workplace lawyer may result in the employee receiving less entitlements or damages than they are owed in their particular situation.

Our dedicated, no-nonsense workplace lawyers are well versed with employed law and labour law, and always keep your best interests in mind.

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