Understanding Victoria Day Article

Understanding Victoria Day: A Guide For Ontario Workers

Oh, the May long weekend! One of the most anticipated dates on the Canadian calendar!

Victoria Day is a Canadian public holiday celebrated in honour of Queen Victoria’s birthday. It’s observed on the Monday preceding May 25th, marking the unofficial start of the summer season in Canada. In Ontario, it’s a statutory holiday, allowing most employees a day off work with pay.

When is Victoria Day?

Victoria Day falls on the Monday before May 25th every year, providing a long weekend for Canadians to enjoy the beginning of warm weather.

Is Victoria Day a Paid Day Off in Ontario?

Yes, Victoria Day is a paid day off for most employees working in Ontario, under the Employment Standards Act (ESA). This includes full-time, part-time, and temporary workers, regardless of how long they’ve been employed.

Understanding Holiday Pay in Ontario?

Navigating the specifics of holiday pay and public statutory holidays in Ontario can be complex for both employers and employees. Investing in a consultation with Achkar Law can clarify your rights and obligations, ensuring you’re fully informed. Our guidance is designed to help you understand holiday pay regulations, providing peace of mind and ensuring compliance.

Who is Entitled to Victoria Day?

Most provincially regulated employees in Ontario are entitled to take Victoria Day off as a statutory holiday. This includes a wide array of workers across different sectors. Federally regulated employees are also entitled to this holiday under the Canada Labour Code.

Working on Victoria Day

Employees required to work on Victoria Day are entitled to either holiday pay plus 1.5 times their regular rate of pay for the hours worked, or regular pay plus a substitute day off with holiday pay, depending on employer policies.

Calculating Victoria Day Pay in Ontario

The calculation for Victoria Day pay typically involves dividing the total wages earned in the four weeks prior to the holiday week by 20, ensuring employees receive fair compensation.

Table of Victoria Day Dates (2024-2033)

Year Date of Victoria Day
2024 May 20
2025 May 19
2026 May 18
2027 May 24
2028 May 22
2029 May 21
2030 May 20
2031 May 19
2032 May 24
2033 May 23


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