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Understanding Good Friday: A Guide for Ontario Workers

Good Friday is a profound Christian holiday, marking the day Jesus Christ was crucified. In Ontario, this day is not just a moment of religious reflection but also a statutory holiday, ensuring most workers can observe this solemn day away from work, with pay.

Is Easter a Holiday in Ontario?

In Ontario, Easter Monday is not recognized as a statutory holiday for non-unionized, provincially regulated employees.  This means that, while many employees will have Good Friday off as a public holiday, Easter Monday does not carry the same designation for non-unionized, provincially regulated employees in Ontario.

When Does Good Friday Occur?

Good Friday is observed on the Friday right before Easter Sunday. Its date varies each year, aligning with the lunar calendar which determines Easter’s timing.

Year Date of Good Friday
2024 March 29
2025 April 18
2026 April 3
2027 March 26
2028 April 14
2029 March 30
2030 April 19
2031 April 11
2032 March 26
2033 April 15

Is Good Friday a Paid Holiday in Ontario?

Yes, it is. Workers across Ontario look forward to Good Friday as a day off with pay, courtesy of the Employment Standards Act (ESA). This includes everyone from full-time employees to part-timers and contractual staff, making it a day of rest for many, irrespective of their job’s nature or tenure.

Understanding Holiday Pay in Ontario?

Navigating the specifics of holiday pay and public statutory holidays in Ontario can be complex for both employers and employees. Investing in a consultation with Achkar Law can clarify your rights and obligations, ensuring you’re fully informed. Our guidance is designed to help you understand holiday pay regulations, providing peace of mind and ensuring compliance.

Who Gets Good Friday Off?

Most employees under Ontario’s provincial jurisdiction are eligible for Good Friday off. This broad category encompasses a diverse workforce, including those in federally regulated sectors like banking and telecommunications, thanks to the Canada Labour Code. However, essential services such as hospitals may operate differently, with some employees still working.

What If You Work on Good Friday?

Working on Good Friday doesn’t mean missing out. Ontario law ensures workers either receive holiday pay plus a premium (often 1.5 times the regular rate) or a substitute day off. The choice depends largely on workplace policies or individual agreements.

Eligibility and Pay Calculation

To qualify for Good Friday benefits, Ontario workers must adhere to the “Last and First Rule,” working their scheduled shifts before and after the holiday, barring legitimate reasons like illness. Pay for the day is calculated based on earnings in the four weeks leading up to Good Friday, divided by 20, ensuring fair compensation.

Can Employers Refuse Good Friday Off?

Generally, no. Eligible employees have the right to observe Good Friday, with few exceptions. Issues or denials can be addressed through the Ministry of Labour, ensuring everyone entitled can enjoy their statutory right without fear of repercussion.

Protection Against Unfair Dismissal

Worried about being fired for taking Good Friday off? Ontario’s employment laws offer protection. If unfairly dismissed, seeking legal advice is crucial. Remember, quick decisions on severance or termination papers might not be in your best interest. Proper legal guidance ensures fair treatment and just compensation.

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