Top Employment Lawyer In Toronto

A top employment lawyer in Toronto is not someone who charges the most attractive rate. Nor the lawyer who charges the highest rate. The best employment lawyer is one who helps employers head off problems before they happen and nip problems in the bud before they can grow into full-blown litigation.

The best employment lawyer is one with a proven track record of helping those with legitimate employment issues obtain compensation from their current or former employer. As such a top employment lawyer in Toronto is one who has worked on similar cases to yours against employers, big or small and obtained favourable results.

Protecting the Rights of the Employee

People often have questions regarding what their employer can and cannot do with regards to their job. Some of the most common questions we field from employees are as follows:

  • Can my boss change my hours or job description? – In most cases an employer does not have the right to unilaterally change the terms of your employment – unless it is properly allowed to do so under your employment agreement. If employers change an employee’s job description, employers may risk pushing the employee to allege constructive dismissal.
  • Can my boss force me to work overtime? – This is also a question that often must be answered after reviewing your contract. If at the time of your hiring and in your employment contract there was no mention of working more than 40 hours per week, then your employer may be in hot waters if they force you to work additional hours.
  • Can I be fired for complaining about harassment? – Generally, an employee cannot be demoted, punished or let go because they made a complaint. The employer may attempt to rely on other reasons, but if they are not genuine reasons, the employee may issue a claim (start a lawsuit) and the employer may find themselves in a bad position.
  • Can my company force me to return to work against doctor’s advice? – No. If your employer is telling you that you must return to work regardless of what your doctor says it is time to call Achkar Law immediately.

Advocating for Employers

Employers often come to us with questions regarding their rights to govern their workplace and obligations. Here are some of the most common employer questions we are asked:

  • Do I have a right to demand hard work? – The law does not prevent you from taking action against unproductive workers. That includes issuing warnings and perhaps terminating them. Though, do not do this before speaking with one of our lawyers.
  • Do I have the right to demand high-quality work? – No matter the number of hours an employee puts in, if their work is sloppy or they are rude to customers, or regularly at odds with other employees, you have a right to initiate progressive discipline (as long as you do so in good faith). Call us to learn more.
  • Can I terminate someone who is stealing my customers? – Sometimes enterprising employees set up a parallel business and siphon customers from your company to theirs. This is not protected behaviour and you may have a right to terminate an employee who acts in such a manner. Make sure you do not act with proper legal advice.

If you are in search of a top employment lawyer in Toronto, Achkar Law is here for you. With a wealth of experience advocating for both employers and employees, we are able to anticipate where the opposition is going with their arguments and to thus formulate effective counter-arguments which allow you to be adequately prepared.

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