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Employment Lawyers: Three Traits They Must Have

Employment lawyers can be helpful to both employers and employees throughout all stages of the employment relationship. When choosing the employment lawyer that is right for you, there are many factors to consider and the decision may be daunting. Below are a few traits to look for when selecting the employment lawyer with your best interest in mind:

1. The Employment Lawyer Must Have A Client-Centered Practice

Every lawyer should have a client-centred practice, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. Potential clients can judge this for themselves by paying attention to the following areas: communication skills, supportiveness, availability, and results-orientation.

Strong communication skills are essential to look for when choosing an employment lawyer. The law is often complex and confusing, and new cases are decided that may change established precedent. It is essential that the employment lawyer effectively communicate nuanced legal matters to you clearly and concisely without further confusing the client.

Employment law matters can often be emotionally challenging, especially for an employee. During this challenging time, a client needs to feel confident that their lawyer understands the emotional turmoil they may be facing and express support and compassion to their situation. A client may be able to tell from their first consultation whether their lawyer will be supportive and sensitive as they work towards a positive outcome.

While some employment matters can take some time to resolve, others may be able to be resolved in a shorter amount of time. Your lawyer needs to be available to discuss your matter with you shortly after you reach out to them, and at the most within one week of your request for a discussion.

Employment matters can be complex, and it is important for a lawyer always to have your best interests in mind. Clients should ensure that their lawyer keeps the client’s end goal in mind throughout informal and formal negotiations. Clients rely on their lawyer to get them the best possible outcome, which is only achievable if the lawyer remains focused on reaching the best possible result for their client.

2. The Employment Lawyer Must Have A Good Reputation

Since employment law is a niche area of law with frequent changes, especially in light of the pandemic, it is essential to know that your lawyer and their law firm have a good reputation. Specifically, a good employment lawyer should have experience, honesty, organization, and integrity.

In employment law, cases are decided based on their specific fact pattern, and sometimes one or two variables can change the entire outcome of a case. That is why your lawyer and their law firm need to have a wide variety of experience in various employment law matters.

It is of the utmost importance for the employment lawyer to be honest about your chances of success. Your lawyer should always inform you of the positive and negative aspects of your case to be fully informed when deciding on a strategy. The employment lawyer needs to be well organized since they generally deal with a large caseload. They need to keep the specifics of your case separate from other clients.

The Law Society requires every lawyer of Ontario to act with integrity and civility towards their client, opposing parties, opposing counsel, and the judiciary. It is always preferable for your lawyer to be the most reasonable party in the matter, whether in communication to opposing counsel or allowing the other party an appropriate extension in filing materials. Your lawyer’s integrity and civility will only help your matter in the eyes of the court.

3. The Employment Lawyer Must Be Quick To Adapt

Lastly, the employment lawyer must be adaptable to any issues that arise during litigation. Adaptability requires a lawyer to be flexible, prepared, and creative.

Litigation often occurs on a lengthy timeline, and different issues that can arise may require the employment lawyer to change their tactics to achieve a reasonable settlement for their client. The employment lawyer must be prepared with all relevant facts and laws applicable to each case to achieve the best outcome for their clients. The employment lawyer must also be able to think creatively if a situation arises that negates their previous strategy.

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