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Skills A Toronto Employment Lawyer Must Have

Due to the complexities surrounding the employer-employee relationship, it is important to know what skills a Toronto employment lawyer must have.

One of the skills a Toronto employment lawyer must have is advocacy. Whether the employment matter goes to court, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, or negotiation with the opposing side, strong advocacy skills is essential to reach the client’s goals. Effective advocacy will clearly outline the facts and advance a persuasive case for the client. Good advocacy skills need to be orally articulate and encompass the ability to perform accurate case analyses and prepare strong written submissions diligently. 

Strong communication skills are also necessary for good employment lawyers to possess. Communication skills often go hand-in-hand with being a good advocate. However, good employment lawyers must communicate the intricacies of the matter with the client expertly. This will help clients understand the often confusing and overwhelming legal process. Effectively communicating with clients will help them take a more proactive role in their matter as they receive clarity on what they are looking to achieve. A good employment lawyer will relay the strengths and weaknesses of the client’s case realistically. 

Excellent research skills are another skill a Toronto employment lawyer must have. Employment law requires reliance on case law to support relevant legal arguments. Research also helps concentrate the facts of the case and emphasize the issues in dispute. A well-researched lawyer will ultimately be a stronger advocate for their client as they have a breadth of knowledge on the relevant persuasive cases. Consequently, they will be better prepared to counter any weaknesses addressed in the case. 

Skills An Employment Lawyer Must Have #1: Adaptability 

It is arguably more important than ever for Toronto employment lawyers to ensure they can adapt to changing environments. The COVID-19 global pandemic has ushered in rapidly changing workplace policies and mandates. Thus, adapting to approaching such issues and ensuring they are up to date on shifting employment legislation is another skill a Toronto employment lawyer must have. 

Not only is the COVID-19 pandemic playing a substantial role in the changing nature of the practice of Toronto employment law, but new facts and evidence may come to light that can alter the direction of the case. This is another reason employment lawyers must make a conscious effort to be adaptable. It is also good practice to be open and flexible to potential offers for settlement ahead of litigation, as this saves valuable court time and resources. 

Skills An Employment Lawyer Must Have #2: Creativity and Problem Solving

Similarly to adaptability, being creative is another important skill Toronto employment lawyer must have. Employment law is a unique area that requires personalized solutions. Thus, employment lawyers must apply the fundamentals to modern employment issues creatively. Furthermore, thinking outside of the box may prove beneficial when negotiating and advocating on behalf of a client. Cookie-cutter solutions may lead to back-and-forth correspondence over the same disputed points, making the case feel at a standstill. When applying creativity to negotiations, it has the potential to propel the case forward, leading to a quicker, suitable resolution for the parties.

Applying creativity to problem-solving may also enhance clients’ trust toward their employment lawyers. Utilizing a personalized approach to each case will make clients feel that their matter is important to them and equally important to their lawyer. 

Therefore, advocacy, research, and communication are critical skills a Toronto employment lawyer must have. However, they can not shy away from untraditional approaches to complex issues, which have the potential to strengthen the relationship and trust between clients and their lawyers and, at times, foster a more expeditious resolution.

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