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Preventing Legal Disputes and Litigation

Employers often avoid obtaining legal advice for their businesses until workplace disputes, including litigation, arise—then they wonder how they got there in the first place.

Often in an attempt to save themselves money, employers do not consult or follow legal advice to prevent workplace issues, which inevitably causes them to incur more costs when problems do occur. As such, it is prudent to proactively invest money in legal services to establish legally compliant policies, processes, and human resources-related activities prior to issues forming.

Obtaining legal advice at the commencement of business and prior to commencing any employment relationship will provide clarity to both employers and their employees will reduce disputes, and will minimize risk to employers should disputes occur.

Employer Benefits of Being Proactive

For employers, the various benefits include, but are not limited to: contracts that are tailored to their business needs and are aligned with applicable legislation; policies that are lawful and reflective of the conduct that is required in the workplace; advice on the proper formation of performance review criteria, and a hiring process which adheres to employers’ human rights and other employment law obligations.

Turnover is often considered to be one of the biggest costs that businesses experience. The higher the turnover rate, the more businesses spend on hiring, training, orientation, and rebuilding productivity. As such, a high turnover rate not only amounts to rising costs but a wasted investment of time and resources. Clarity, transparency, and proper procedures will reduce the amount of employee turnover due to a mutual understanding of expectations and obligations.

Employee Benefits are Employer Benefits

Employers who have a go-to lawyer to assist their businesses with the formation of human resources policies, plans, and programs, directly and indirectly, results in positive effects on their employees.

A thorough understanding of employees’ rights ensures that employees are treated according to applicable legislation while fostering a healthy working environment and a supportive employee-employer relationship. Employees who feel that their rights are being respected and upheld by their employers, in turn, are often more dedicated, motivated, and productive. Increase in employee satisfaction and morale only improves businesses’ bottom lines.

Taking Preventative Measures

To avoid increased costs of legal disputes, employers should have a legal professional on hand, either internally or externally, to ensure their businesses are legally compliant. Policies and procedures for preventing and dealing with disputes must be properly outlined and demonstrative of the employer’s due diligence.

However, for many businesses, particularly small and medium-sized businesses, hiring internal legal counsel may be an expense that the business is simply unable to find the budget for.

What if employers can obtain and access legal advice at a reduced rate tailored to the specific needs of their businesses, at their fingertips, whenever they need?

The Chief Legal Officer (CLO) Program

To serve our clients’ needs better, Achkar Law has introduced the CLO Program, which solves the common cost problem businesses face by making legal services accessible for businesses of all sizes.

The CLO Program provides employers with the peace of mind to focus on running and growing their businesses, while our knowledgeable team of legal professionals navigate human resources and legal issues.

To learn more of how this program can suit your unique business needs, call us toll-free at 1-(800)771-7882 or email [email protected].


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