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Notice of Termination in Ontario Explained

If you find yourself terminated in Ontario, be aware that you’re entitled to certain rights and benefits upon termination. Employers are required to either give you a notice of termination or make a payment instead of notice. This notice period—the time from when you receive your notice to your actual termination date—varies based on individual circumstances, the nature of your job, and any agreements you have with your employer. It’s crucial to get a legal professional to review your termination notice and employment contract before signing any documents.

Notice Period Essentials

Under the Employment Standards Act (ESA) of Ontario, a baseline for minimum statutory notice periods is established. This is just the starting point in figuring out the full extent of notice you’re entitled to, often you might be eligible for more than the minimum requirements.

The basic calculation for your statutory notice period hinges on your length of service, generally equating to about one week of notice for each year worked.

During your notice period, your employer must maintain your job terms, compensation, and benefits as if no notice was given, ensuring you receive all earnings and benefits you’re due.

Length of Service Notice Required
Less than three months None
3 months to 1 year 1 week
1 to 2 years 2 weeks
3 years 3 weeks
4 years 4 weeks
5 years 5 weeks
6 years 6 weeks
7 years 7 weeks
8 years 8 weeks

Common Law Reasonable Notice

If your contract doesn’t limit you to just the statutory notice period, then you might be eligible for “reasonable notice” as per common law. This isn’t a fixed amount—courts consider several factors like age, length of service, role and seniority, and the likelihood of finding similar employment to determine a fair period, which can range from three months to up to 24 months or more in special cases.

Working Notice of Termination

Sometimes, employers provide a working notice that allows you to seek employment elsewhere during this period. If you choose to leave for another job during this time, you may lose entitlement to further notice.

Be thoughtful about any new job offers, aiming to coordinate start dates to ensure you receive all compensation due to you.

Termination for Just Cause

In instances of misconduct or failure to fulfill your duties, employers may terminate without notice. Immediate legal advice is essential if you’re terminated for cause to understand your rights and options.

How an Employment Lawyer Can Assist

The complexities of employment termination can be challenging. An employment lawyer plays a crucial role in ensuring your rights are protected and you receive the entitlements you deserve. Here’s how an employment lawyer can assist you:

  • Review and Explanation: An employment lawyer will carefully review your termination letter and employment agreement. They’ll provide a clear explanation of the terms, ensuring you fully understand your rights and obligations before you sign any documents.
  • Determination of Entitlements: They can accurately determine the notice or severance pay you’re entitled to, potentially identifying entitlements beyond the minimum standards set by the Employment Standards Act. This ensures you receive fair compensation for your service.
  • Negotiation and Advocacy: Employment lawyers are skilled negotiators who can advocate on your behalf. Whether negotiating a severance package or challenging a termination, they work to secure the best possible outcome for you.
  • Legal Representation: If your case goes to court, an employment lawyer will represent you, presenting your case effectively and arguing for your rights and entitlements.
  • Guidance on Next Steps: They provide guidance on your next steps, including how to seek new employment and manage any non-compete or confidentiality clauses in your agreement.
  • Protection from Unfair Practices: An employment lawyer ensures that you are protected from any unfair practices by your employer during the termination process, such as changes to your job terms or conditions without consent.
  • Understanding Common Law Entitlements: They’ll explain your entitlements under common law, which often exceed statutory minimums, and help you navigate the process of claiming these entitlements.
  • Advising on Special Circumstances: In cases of termination for cause or misconduct, an employment lawyer can provide crucial advice and representation to challenge the termination if it’s unjustified.

By engaging an employment lawyer, you can navigate the termination process with confidence, knowing your rights are protected and you’re seeking the full entitlements you deserve.

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