Mental Health Leave (Ontario): What are Your Rights as an Employee

Mental Health Leave Ontario: Explained

In recent years, the importance of mental health care in the workplace has come to the forefront. There is a growing social awareness of psychological injuries or mental disorders as medical conditions characterized by changes in emotion, thought, or behaviour. These conditions can manifest as distress or difficulty coping with daily tasks at work, within the family, or in social situations.

Understanding Mental Health Leave in Ontario

  • Are employees facing mental health difficulties entitled to medical leave?
  • What are an employer’s obligations to an employee struggling with mental health?
  • What happens if an employer fails their obligations to an employee dealing with mental illness?

This article aims to answer these questions by providing an overview of the law surrounding mental health leaves for employees in Ontario and what legal liability an employer could face for failing to meet their workplace obligations owed to employees experiencing mental illness. Discover how a mental health lawyer can assist in such situations.

Mental Health Leave in Ontario: Relevant Workplace Statutes

There are various workplace statutes in Ontario governing employee mental health struggles, setting minimum entitlements and obligations. However, employers can implement their own policies to better support employees dealing with mental health issues.

In Ontario, workers have the legal right to take time off work to recover from illness or injury or deal with a medical emergency. According to the Employment Standards Act, 2000 (ESA), employees who have worked for at least two weeks consecutively are entitled to an unpaid leave of absence or up to three unpaid sick days per year. This leave can also be utilized for mental health issues, including stress, anxiety, or burnout.

Other Leaves and Legal Aspects

Other types of leave, such as Bereavement Leave, Family Responsibility Leave, Domestic or Sexual Violence Leave, and Crime-Related Child Disappearance Leave, are available to employees protected by the ESA’s sick leave provisions. If these leaves are related to the employee’s mental health, they can potentially be used to extend medical leave.

Additionally, employers must reasonably accommodate employee disabilities under the Ontario Human Rights Code (the Code). Discrimination or retaliation against employees seeking accommodations for their mental health is prohibited. Most mental illnesses, even brief periods of mental health struggles, are considered disabilities under the Code.

While these are minimum requirements, employers can exceed them by implementing unique policies. However, having such policies does not exempt employers from further accommodations for employees under the Code.

What Happens if an Employer Refuses to Allow Mental Health Leave in Ontario?

Employers generally cannot deny an employee medical leave as long as the employee makes reasonable efforts to inform their employer in writing about their need for medical leave. Providing minimal information through a medical practitioner’s note to confirm the medical nature of the leave is essential. Employers should work with the employee to accommodate their mental health struggles in the workplace.

Unduly denying an employee medical leave could lead to potential legal claims, including constructive dismissal, violations of the ESA, and discrimination under the Code. A mental health lawyer can provide assistance in such situations.

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How a Employment Lawyer can Help

Whether you are an employee seeking medical leave or an employer facing a legal claim, consulting an employment lawyer is crucial. An employment lawyer can help prepare persuasive demand or response letters, navigate negotiations and legal processes, and maximize the chances of achieving the desired result while minimizing legal risks.

Employees in Ontario are entitled to minimum periods of unpaid leave, potentially longer under the ESA and the Code. Employers can prepare workplace policies to guide employees in requesting medical leave. Employers must respect employees’ right to medical leave and may face legal claims if they deny this right and take inappropriate actions against employees.

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Beyond mental health leave, Achkar Law offers comprehensive legal support in various areas of employment and human rights law. Whether you need assistance with accommodations, discrimination claims, or workplace disputes, our team is equipped to handle a wide range of legal matters.

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