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Understanding Family Day in Ontario

Family Day is a cherished statutory holiday in Ontario, offering employees a much-needed break to spend quality time with their loved ones. Instituted to provide workers with an additional day off in February, Family Day stands as a testament to the value of family time in our lives. This blog post explores the significance of Family Day for non-unionized employees in Ontario, highlighting statutory holiday pay entitlements and employer obligations under employment standards legislation.

Family Day is a provincial holiday in Canada, not a federal one. It is observed in several provinces, including Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan, among others. Each of these provinces has designated Family Day on the third Monday in February, although the exact date can vary by year. Since it is a provincial holiday, its observance and the specifics regarding statutory holiday pay and entitlements can vary from one province to another. Federal employees and those in provinces that do not observe Family Day do not have this day off as a statutory holiday.

Understanding Statutory Holiday Pay for Family Day

For non-unionized employees in Ontario, Family Day offers not just a day off but also certain entitlements under the Employment Standards Act (ESA). Statutory holiday pay is calculated based on the average daily earnings in the pay period immediately preceding the holiday. This includes wages, commissions, and certain other entitlements, divided by the number of days worked, ensuring employees receive fair compensation even while enjoying their day off.

Employer Obligations on Family Day

Employers have specific responsibilities to ensure non-unionized employees in Ontario can fully enjoy Family Day. These include:

  • Providing a Day Off: Eligible employees are entitled to have Family Day off with pay. If the nature of the work requires someone to work on this day, employers must provide either another day off with pay or premium pay for the day worked, in addition to the statutory holiday pay.
  • Statutory Holiday Pay: Employers must calculate and provide statutory holiday pay to eligible employees, ensuring they are compensated according to the ESA regulations.
  • Employment Standards: Employers must adhere to all relevant employment standards set forth in the ESA, including but not limited to, record-keeping of hours worked and pay provided.

Family Day Dates from 2024 to 2034

For planning purposes, here’s a handy table of Family Day dates in Ontario for the next decade:

Year Family Day Date
2024 February 19
2025 February 17
2026 February 16
2027 February 15
2028 February 21
2029 February 19
2030 February 18
2031 February 17
2032 February 16
2033 February 21
2034 February 20


Family Day is more than just a day off; it’s an opportunity for non-unionized employees in Ontario to recharge and reconnect with their families. Understanding your rights and entitlements regarding statutory holiday pay is crucial for making the most of this day. Employers must ensure they comply with the ESA to provide a fair and supportive environment for their employees. As we look forward to celebrating Family Day each year, let’s remember the importance of family in our lives and the value of spending quality time together.

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