Employment Lawyers (Markham)

The complex web of federal and provincial laws regulating the employer-employee relationship in Markham can be challenging to decipher. However, an employment lawyer in Markham from Achkar Law is here to provide guidance.

Whether you’re an employee who feels their rights have been infringed upon or an employer seeking advice on various employment matters, our dedicated employment lawyers are just a call or email away. Reach out to Achkar Law at 1 (800) 771-7882 or via email at [email protected] for a consultation today.

What Achkar Law Can Do For You

Achkar Law’s employment lawyers conduct litigation as well as negotiations and obtain settlements for aggrieved employees on an individual basis. We also provide legal representation for businesses, large and small.

For Employees

We represent employees in a range of different instances including:

  1. Sexual harassment lawsuits
  2. Racial, sexual, religious or other types of discrimination
  3. Wrongful termination suits
  4. Being denied wage and proper compensation, including tips and commissions
  5. Being denied overtime page

For executive employees, we review:

  1. Executive employment agreements
  2. Severance agreements and
  3. Benefits packages

We arbitrate labour disputes before the Ontario Labour Relations Board and litigate all employment law-related issues, including breaches in confidentiality clauses, non-compete agreements, among others.

For Employers

We offer a full array of important employment-related legal services to businesses including but not limited to:

Workplace Policies – Having a set of effective workplace policies is not only good business, it helps avoid uncertainty with what your employees are supposed to do. An effective set of workplace policies can be of tremendous help when it comes to establishing workplace expectations and standards of behaviour as well as in establishing effective disciplinary procedures.

Employment Contracts – Employment contracts are sometimes treated as an afterthought by employers without realized the problematic nature of running a business without contracts. Employment contracts are used to establish vital aspects of your workers’ relationships with the company. Most importantly, they establish the entitlements of employees when they are terminated.  Ideally, employers should keep it at a minimum.

Business Evolution Issues – In today’s fast-paced global business environment, static companies do not flourish and reach their potential. As such companies today often need to make changes to their relationship with their workers in order to facilitate the adaptations necessary to ensure survival.

Terminations – Botched terminations often come back to haunt employers and breed costly litigation. Consulting with an employment lawyer prior to termination is the best way to avoid creating a situation where an aggrieved employee takes to the courts. Achkar Law helps in minimizing issues, pushing otherwise arduous issues towards a quick resolution.

Regardless of the nature of your employment-related issue, Achkar Law can help. Employment lawyers in Markham are many, but you want a firm with the right experience and resources to help. We help employees defend their rights against unscrupulous employers and help business owners makes sure all employee interactions take place in a predictable manner conducive to the long term health of the business.

Contact Achkar Law

Whether you are an employer or employee, our lawyers here at Achkar Law will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your workplace.

Contact us by phone toll-free at 1 (800) 771-7882, or email us at [email protected], and we would be happy to assist you.