Employment Law Firm in Markham

Employment law is an umbrella term that covers a variety of legal topics related to the employer-employee relationship. Since both the provincial and federal government have employment laws on their books it can be extremely difficult, particularly for larger employers, to navigate the landscape of overlapping, and in some cases seemingly contradictory, rights and regulations. Achkar Law – Employment law firm in Markham deals with all employment related issues.

An employment lawyer from Achkar Law can assist with:

  1. Workplace safety
  2. Workplace investigations
  3. Wrongful terminations
  4. Severance packages
  5. Executive compensation
  6. Workplace harassment
  7. Drafting and review of employment agreements
  8. Violations of the Ontario Human Rights Code

For Employees

Employees and people seeking employment have certain rights and protections guaranteed by law. Employee grievances that typically result in legal complaints and/or lawsuits include:

  • DiscriminationDiscrimination is one of the most common problems experienced by employees and prospective employees because it covers a wide range of potential causes including gender discrimination, racial discrimination, religious discrimination and discrimination based on sexual orientation.
  • Sexual Harassment – Sexual harassment is typically considered a form of discrimination and manifests itself in sexually inappropriate behaviour and/or speech that creates an atmosphere that prevents an employee from doing their job effectively.
  • Bullying and Harassment – Employers are obligated to investigate and address bullying and harassment that happens at their workplace. If an employee complains or if the employer has reason to believe there is bullying and harassment at the workplace, employer has certain obligations that, if not adhered to, may cause real problems.
  • Wrongful Termination – Employees may bring legal action against their former employer if they believe they were wrongfully terminated. For instance, if there is reason to think they were let go because of their sexual orientation, religious beliefs or because they became pregnant.


At Achkar Law, we provide an array of legal solutions for employers large and small. Achkar Law, as an employment law firm in Markham, operate under the principle that it is often best to address issues before they grow into major ones that could undermine the health of your organization. We assist in a wide variety of workplace employment issues including but not limited to:

  1. Reviewing employment contracts
  2. Compensation and benefits agreements
  3. Breach of fiduciary duty
  4. Agreements with independent contractors
  5. Workplace health and safety issues
  6. Developing workplace practices and policies
  7. Layoffs, dismissals, large scale terminations and more

We understand that being an employer is not a one-size-fits-all phenomenon. As such we take great care to modify our approach to the particular characteristics and requirements of your business. When it comes to having an employment law firm in Markham on your team, Achkar Law is here to help.

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