Employment Contracts Reviews

Employment contract reviews are the first important steps that all employees should do before commencing employment.

When employees are offered a position, they are often given an employment agreement or contract to sign. This contract will set out important aspects of your employment relationship, including your role, responsibilities, benefits, wages, notice period, as well as other important terms.

Even though employees are excited to start in their new role, consulting an employment lawyer is important because often clauses are introduced into these contracts that limit the entitlements of employees upon termination.

Apart from the contract review and revision, we can negotiate on your behalf, or give you pointers to negotiate better terms for yourself. Employment contract reviews should be viewed as a necessary step not only to understand your rights but also to commence a healthy relationship without any chance of misunderstanding regarding the many issues in an employment agreement. Misinterpreting agreements often lead employers and employees to various forums, including the Labour Relations Board.

Some often negotiated issues:

  1. Termination clause
  2. Non-solicitation and non-competition
  3. Employee vs Contractor
  4. Salary
  5. Working conditions
  6. among others

If you are an employee, do not sign any agreement before proper review with an experienced employment lawyer.

If you are an employer, do not give agreements that were not drafted for you by a lawyer who understands your needs.

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