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Can My Employer Increase My Workload?

We often hear of an employer increasing their employee’s workload, whether this stems from a change in business needs, restructuring, or some form of discriminatory purpose, employees are often unsure of whether their employers are able to do this – and at times will agree to the changes for the sake of keeping their job. We have had several clients ask us, “Can my employer change my workload?” – and the answer is, it depends.

An employer may increase your workload for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, this extra work may be necessary for a promotion, and sometimes, it is just because you’re overworked.

In some cases, an employment agreement may allow for a minor change in duties, but the employee would have had to agree to this term in their employment agreement prior to commencing their job. In other cases, the change in duties or an increase in workload can actually amount to constructive dismissal.

The short video below by Christopher Achkar provides an overview of what you should do, if you feel that your employer increased your workload, and as a result made things difficult for you at work.

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My Boss Increased My Workload And Made Things Difficult For Me , What Should I Do?