Age Discrimination In the workplace

Discrimination in the Workplace Explained: Age Discrimination

In Ontario, the Human Rights Code (the “Code“) serves as a crucial legal framework that protects individuals from discrimination on various prohibited grounds. One such ground is “age,” which is defined as 18 years or older. Age discrimination in Ontario workplaces refers to situations where an employer treats an employee differently solely based on their age, without any justifiable reason.

Forms of Age Discrimination in Ontario

Age discrimination can take various forms, and it often manifests subtly or indirectly. It does not necessarily have to be overt or apparent to constitute discrimination. Common instances include unfair treatment of an employee due to their age or implementing rules and policies that disproportionately affect certain age groups.

Age Discrimination in the Workplace

Age Discrimination in Hiring

One of the most critical stages where age discrimination can occur is during the hiring process. Job seekers of all ages may face biases, leading to their dismissal as being either too young or too old for the position, despite their qualifications and prior experience.

Unequal Training and Advancement Opportunities

Active employees may experience age discrimination concerning training and career advancement. Older employees might be denied access to the same training opportunities or promotion possibilities available to younger colleagues, leading to feelings of exclusion and stagnation. Conversely, younger employees may be overlooked for advancement based on the presumption that they lack experience or maturity.

Cultural Fit Discrimination

Employers sometimes inadvertently contribute to age discrimination by seeking to maintain a specific work culture that aligns more with younger generations. As a result, older job applicants may be unfairly denied employment due to this cultural preference, regardless of their qualifications.

Illegal Mandatory Retirement

The Ontario Human Rights Code explicitly prohibits mandatory retirement policies based on age. Employers cannot force an employee to retire merely because they reach a certain age, as this would constitute age discrimination.

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Dealing with Age Discrimination in Ontario

Seeking Legal Assistance

If you are experiencing age discrimination at your workplace, it is essential to seek professional legal advice. An experienced workplace lawyer can provide the necessary guidance and support to address the issue effectively and protect your rights.

Filing a Discrimination Complaint

For employees working for provincially regulated employers, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario serves as the appropriate channel to file a discrimination complaint. On the other hand, employees working for federally regulated employers can lodge their complaints with the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

Empowering a Discrimination-Free Workplace

Employer Responsibilities

Employers play a crucial role in fostering a discrimination-free workplace. They should establish clear anti-discrimination policies and ensure that all employees are aware of their rights under the Human Rights Code. Implementing diversity and inclusion programs can promote a more inclusive work environment.

Employee Education and Reporting

Employees should be educated about the various forms of discrimination, including age discrimination, and encouraged to report any instances they encounter. Establishing confidential reporting mechanisms can help create a safe space for employees to voice their concerns.

Promoting Workplace Inclusivity

Promoting workplace inclusivity and diversity can lead to a more productive and harmonious work environment. Encouraging collaboration and respect among employees of different ages can help break down barriers and combat age-based biases.


Age discrimination in the Ontario workplace is a significant concern, and understanding the protections provided by the Ontario Human Rights Code is crucial. By recognizing and addressing age discrimination, we can strive towards creating an inclusive and equitable work environment for all employees, regardless of their age.

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